“Jesus is the reason for the Season!”



How many times have you heard that?



  If you are reading this, very likely you agree with that statement.




  But do you ever find that when you get to Christmas Eve,


in your heart you know that Christmas wasn’t about


Jesus. . .




. . . So many other things had filled your life in the weeks that led up to it?


You aren’t alone. 


In fact, you are facing a challenge that Christians before you have wrestled with for centuries. 


One of the best answers that they found was to observe


the season of Advent


during the four weeks before Christmas


During Advent

there are simple traditions

you can embrace

that help you make time to hear God’s word,

so that through it,

the hope and peace of Christ is yours. 


Maybe the season of Advent is new to you. 



Maybe it has been a long time since you have observed it. 



But either way, this is a good year to learn about it and join in again. 


After all, this has been a difficult year in so many ways. 





If there has ever been a year where the hope and peace of Christ is especially needed, it is this Christmas. 




Waiting is not something that we generally like to do,

even though we do it all the time. 


But there are exceptions.  


When we are waiting for something good that had been promised to us,

then waiting can be beautiful.


 In order to do that,

we need to remember what

God has said

in His Word. 



That means taking time to listen to Him.


Advent is a time

where special services are held

at Church

to hear the basic teachings

of the faith


be built up in the truth. 




When we hear Him, we remember Him. 




Generation upon generation of believers

who went before us

found strength to keep waiting for Jesus

by hearing the Word. 


It worked for them, and it works for you.  

Not every congregation holds

these special Advent services anymore. 


But Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Escondido

still does



and you are welcome to attend. 




The services are not long

but they are beautiful


and will help

strengthen your

faith in Christ. 



In today's hustle and bustle,


we need to consciously make ourselves stop


in order to be able to


focus on Christ,


to hear His Word,


and to receive His gifts.



We offer four different opportunities to do this.


 Come, sit, listen, sing, worship.




You are also invited to our Wednesday evening Soup Suppers at 6 pm



If you have any questions, email us at


or call us at (760)743-2478

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