The Light of Christ at Christmas

The Light of Christ at Christmas

Dear friends in Christ,

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light…”

“The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness had not overcome it.”

Another Christmas has come and we have the joy of celebrating together!  We celebrate Jesus, the Light of the world.  He shines in the dark world around us.  He shows us the love and the mercy and the forgiveness of God toward us sinners.  His light shines forth the hope of a life worth living in this world, and eternal life that awaits.  His brightness illuminates the Way of peace with God and love toward one another… the Way of the Cross.

His light gives us courage in time of fear, comfort in time of grief, hope in time of trial and temptation.  His light gives us peace, for He does not shine so that the world sees our sin and shame, He shines so that we all see His forgiveness and grace.  His light leads us out of death into life.  His light pierces the strongholds of evil and breaks them.  His light brightens the darkness of sorrow and gives rescue.

We celebrate Christmas because at Christmas, Christ entered our world, and He stays with us.  He stays to give us light, so that we will nevermore be in darkness.  So that we can rejoice in the warmth of His light and the beauty it reveals, for He shows us the face of God.  The face of a Baby who is God and man.  The face of our Savior.

Dear friend, I know that you know what darkness is like.  I’m sorry that this world can be so difficult, so painful, so lonely.  Come celebrate Christmas with us.  The light of Christ arises upon you, His mercy is here for you, His peace and forgiveness is bright and warm and safe here for you.  You are welcome here.

In Christ,

Pastor Horn

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