Children and Youth

Children and Youth

Children are a high priority at Gloria Dei!

Sunday school

Sunday school starts at 10:30 am after Divine Service.  One of the Sunday school teachers will be happy to bring your child over to Sunday school in the Family Life Center, and you are welcome to come along as well.  The children usually have a snack, 15 minutes of music time with our music teacher, and then a Bible story and a craft with our Sunday School teachers.  This year, we have four classes: ages 1 to 4, Kindergarten and 1st grade, 1st grade to confirmation age, and youth class.  We also are planning a Reformation Day festival in October and the Sunday School Christmas program in December.  

Confirmation Classes

Pastor teaches confirmation classes to youth (and adults) to teach them the faith and prepare them for coming to the Lord’s Supper.  If you are interested in arranging confirmation classes for your child, please contact Pastor.

Gloria Dei is a multi-generational church, and we try to make sure that all the generations–from young to old–get plenty of opportunities to know, love, and serve each other in Christ.  
Gloria Dei prioritizes a spiritual nurturing of your whole child in Christ–most especially through the Word of God and then through loving fellowship with His people. 

More questions about children and youth at Gloria Dei?  Contact us at or call us at 760-743-2478.

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