I am the Living Bread

I am the Living Bread

Simple Thoughts on a Beautiful Reading – John 6:35-51, I am the Living Bread, awaits you on Sunday.

Come on Sunday and hear more from Jesus as He taught the people in John 6.  Last week we heard the story of the Manna (Exodus 16).  During the Exodus, the people  of Israel were hungry and could find no food.  They grumbled against God and accused Him of bringing them out to the wilderness to slowly starve to death.  Though they had seen God’s glory as He delivered them from slavery, they still did not trust Him.  They did not pray, instead they grumbled.

So God rained bread from heaven, and they gathered it day by day.  But lack of faith continued to plague the generation that had been rescued from Egypt.  Their continued rebellion meant that they had to wander in the wilderness until all had died, for none would be allowed to enter the Promised Land.

Jesus now contrasts that Manna which God gave from heaven with Himself.  That bread could not give eternal life – it sustained for this life only.  But Jesus said,

I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh. (John 6:51)

The Father has given us Jesus.  He is Living Bread – He is bread that gives life – eternal life.  He gives this bread – His flesh for the life of the world.  He dies on the cross, and His death gives life to the world.  He rises again and gives life to the world.

To believe in Him is to eat His flesh. To believe in Him is also to come to Holy Communion, to eat His body and drink His Blood under the bread and wine.  In Holy Communion, Jesus gives us Himself, His flesh and blood, and with it all the blessings of salvation which He won on the Cross.

Dear friend, Jesus gives life.  True life.  Eternal life.

He calls you to come to Him and hear Him, to repent and believe in Him.

He calls you to come and be washed and fed by Him.

He offers you life.  No one else can.

He is here for you.  Come.  You know you are hungry.

Come to Christ and trust in Him.

He will give you life.  He will satisfy your soul.

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