The Heart of Christ

The Heart of Christ

Pay attention throughout the Bible, and you will see the heart of Christ. Our Lord, Jesus is merciful and gracious, and abounding in steadfast love.

Jesus shows this beautifully in Mark 7:24-37, which we will hear together on Sunday.  Jesus mercifully heals a girl who has a demon, and a man who was deaf and could not speak.  He works these healings to help us to trust and believe that He cares for us also.

For example, Jesus visited a town, and a crowd of villagers knew He had the power to heal people.  So they brought a man to Jesus from the town who was well known to them all.  He was a man who could not hear nor speak.

The man was likely scared.  It is possible he had never experienced a time in his life when it was pleasant to be the recipient of so much attention. We know this because when Jesus met the man, He took him gently off to a private place.

Jesus showed the man what He was going to do to heal him by touching His own ears and tongue.  He looked up to Heaven, in prayer to His Father, and sighed. Jesus knew in His heart the pain and fear and hardship this deaf man had endured in life.  We see the compassion in the heart of Christ for this man, and that comforts us today.

And finally, a word of strength and power and love – “Be opened.”  And the man’s ears could hear, and his mouth was able to speak.

The way Jesus heals this man shows His mercy, His love, and His gentleness.  Those who know and love Jesus treasure these things about Him.

Dear friend, the love and compassion of Christ still is here for you.

Jesus bore your sin and sorrow in His flesh on the cross to give you forgiveness.

He rose from the dead to give you eternal life.

He still hears your prayers and gives you mercy each day of your life.  We rejoice especially in the gifts He gives you here at church.

If you need compassion, mercy and love, you can find it here at Gloria Dei, from your gracious Lord, Jesus Christ.