You are cordially invited to join us on September 16th at

9 a.m  for: 



Image about people

We hope that you'll join us.


Because on Sunday Sept. 16th, we are rejoicing in the life of the Church:


  • Centered around Christ
  • Enjoying each other's company
  • Appreciating His gifts (including ice cream!)


It's a great time to be together.

Image about beginnings

Gloria Sunday is the day we start everything anew:


  • New Sunday School Year
  • New Adult Bible Study topic
  • New life -- because we're forgiven in Christ, every day is new.


With everything new, what better time to visit?



our balloon artist is bigger than this one


(and maybe you will, too)

After the Divine Service


  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar!!!
  • A school supply ingathering for area schools (in collaboration with Grace Lutheran Church)!!




Have you been wanting to look for a new church, but it's overwhelming?


We all get it. Every single one of us here at Gloria Dei have been in that spot...


Going to a new church where you don't know what they believe or what to expect is daunting.


Top it off with:


  • A busy life that just doesn't seem to stop.
  • Guilt and shame. Heavy burdens.
  • Mental or physical illness. Both can be discouraging enough to keep us isolated.
  • Kids. We know we should have them in church, but how is it done? Are quiet toys okay? Are snacks okay? (and the answer to both is yes)



And these challenges are exactly why you need to be here receiving God's comfort.




It's time.

It doesn't get easier. 


Every single one of us here has faced similar challenges (or exactly the same ones), and we're here to help you, too. 


(bonus: once you've gone to a church for the first time, it's no longer the first time!)





And that's why we're inviting you to come today --


No obligation to keep coming,

just come see what we're about

and how you'd fit in. 


Obviously, you're welcome any time,

but sometimes it's just easier to have someone else pick the day...

(And while church is always awesome,

we don't have a sundae bar and balloon guy every Sunday.

-Just sayin'.)






What You'll Find Here


We are a member of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod, a church body centered around the Bible and the grace we receive at the cross of Christ.


We're smallish, but we run the gamut -- from babies to the not-so-young. We have people from different cultures, and definitely different life experiences - including the School of Hard Knocks.


Our pastor faithfully preaches Scripture and cares for Christ's flock -- he'll get to know you. You'll know him.


We believe children learn to worship God by watching their parents and learning by their sides. We don't mind some noise over the years that they learn. 


We're friendly. We gather together to hear God's Word and receive the forgiveness we so desperately need... But we also like to chat over a mediocre cup of coffee and a better-than-average potluck spread (we have some amazing cooks).







Just so we know how much hot fudge and sprinkles to buy...








We hope to see you!


1087 W. Country Club Lane, Escondido 92026                                                                                                (760)743-2478                                                                service times: 9 a.m. Sundays, 12 noon Wednesdays

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