Sermon 2/21/18 7pm

Posted on Feb 23, 2018
Sermon 2/21/18 7pm

Rev. Jeffrey Horn, “Praying the Ten Commandments: The First and Second Commandments”

This series will examine the commandments using a four-fold model for prayer that combines listening to the objective truth of God’s Word with responding to Him from our hearts with love and trust.

  • Instruction: What is God teaching me?
  • Thanksgiving: What blessings can I thank God for?
  • Confession: In what ways have I sinned against God and my neighbor? Ask God for His mercy and trust in His goodness. By the Holy Spirit, cling to the knowledge that in Christ I have been forgiven.
  • Praying: What do I and those around me need? Lay these needs out before God, expressing my trust Him, thanking Him for however He will answer.

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